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6 (anni)
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Responsible of Samples Development, Supply and Chain, Production QC and Factory Director
“G.A.L. LIMITED Shoes development and manufacturing” - “Veronese SH.p.k.”
2017 to present

G.A.L. LIMITED is situated in Zhu Jiang Xin Cheng – Guangzhou – CHINA.
This company hired me back because of the new Joint Venture with an Albanian factory in Lushnje – Albania.
I’m till now working in Albania and cooperating with many factories.
I helped the factory to develop from the beginning with only one stitching line.
I improved the quality standards and we are now working on four stitching lines, each dedicated to big European Customers.

Sourcing Manager, Supply and Chain and Production QC
“Condor Trade - Inblu”
2014 to 2017

Situated in Zhu Jiang Xin Cheng – Guangzhou – CHINA.
I provided consulting and sourcing services.
Sourcing of new accessories and materials and choose a valuable factory to develop our products with the best price on market, as synthetic materials, fashion accessories, shoes uppers, etc...
I’ve been sourcing all around China to introduce to the company new factories to satisfy our standards.

Product Manager
“G.A.L. LIMITED Shoes development and manufacturing”
2011 to 2014

G.A.L. LIMITED is situated in Zhu Jiang Xin Cheng – Guangzhou – CHINA.

Role & Responsibilities:

• Follow the samples development from the design to the final product.
• Make documents and organize shipments from the factories to the customers.
• Cooperate with a QC team of 4 Italians.

Department Responsible of Large Format Digital Printing and Laminator
2009 – 2011

Company Profile: SIMEONI ARTI GRAFICHE is situated in Via Ciro Ferrari, 9 – Caselle di Sommacampagna (VR) – ITALY
The company was founded in 1989, like a small studio with a passion for manual assembly. Over the years has gained experience on its territory and such knowledge that led to being a leading provider of graphics and digital printing. The synergy between the attention to new ways of operation and of the needs and customers expectations, pushed SIMEONI ARTI GRAFICHE to assume the burden of investing in advanced equipment and highly specialized human resources, creating a modern working environment and dynamic. Ever to offer the most appropriate solutions to the customer's needs and to offer a work and quality service, professionalism, in a timely and cost competitive. An exclusive and comprehensive service performed entirely within its own structure, ensuring continuity between customers expectations and the final product. Young entrepreneurs and experts collaborators, have created a strongly motivated team with professional and personal growth.

Role & Responsibilities:

• Check with CEO the production report, once a week.
• Reduce operating costs and increase quality of services.
• Manage the large format digital printing department (knowledge of the workflow and ability to recognize the needed materials, follow the digital print and bindery during all the processes, etc.).

Machineries and other equipments:

• Plotter Roland – SOLJET PRO III – Print&Cut XC-540.
• KIP Color 80.
• Laminator MACTAC – Flash 1600 RV.
• Banner stands: Roll-up, Pop-up, Pull-Up, Clever displays, etc...
• PVC Forex application.
• Car Wrapping.

Skills Acquired:

• Mastering the tools of expression and argumentative indispensable for managing the communicative interaction.
• Read to understand and interpret the text.
• Produce texts of different sizes, types and complexity.
• Use for the main communicative and operational purposes a foreign language (level A2 of the European framework).
• Use expressive tools other than word, integrated or autonomous between them (such as photography, cinema, web and generally hypertexts, theatre, music, ect...).
• Use technological tools and computer for files, manage informations, analyze datas (ECDL Start reference).
• Knowingly use the technologies keeping in mind both the cultural and social context in which they operate and communicate, the role for the implementation of active citizenship.
• Understand the procedures used to express and resolve problematic situations through formalized languages.
• Understand the natural realty, applying methods of observation, investigation and experimental procedures of different sciences.
• Explore and understand the elements and resources of the natural enviroment.
• Take the change and diversity in a diachronic dimension through the comparison between eras and a synchronic dimension through the comparison between geographical and cultural areas.
• Placing my personal experience in a system of rules based on mutual recognition and protection of rights for the full exercise of citizenship.
• Know the functioning of the economic system and orient myself in the world of work.
• Be aware of appropriate behaviours to ensure the welfare and safety.

Techincal-professional competences:

• Prepare machines and workstations, in particular: configure my workstation, collect datas on technical conditions, set the graphic softwares, etc...
• Produce documents/flies with text processing software, image and layout, in particular: to create graphics, acquire images from scanner, etc...
• Arrange the printed chart process, in particular: analyze, calculate product development, printed typeset, evaluating results, etc..

Reason for leaving:

• Have new work experiences and join “G.A.L. Limited – Shoes development and manufacturing” in Guangzhou, CHINA.

Altro UE
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Diploma Professionale


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