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19 anni di esperienza
Posizione attuale: 
General Manager Business unit Manager
Livello di Cinese: 
Altre lingue conosciute: 
Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo
Settore di Specializzazione: 
Automotive/ industrial/oil and Gas/ environment
Disponibilità di spostamento*: 
Esperienza in Cina: 
10 (anni)
Esperienza Lavorativa: 

Sir/Madam :

My 19 years of experience in sales management in the industrial manufacturing industries have paved the way for me to become the General Manager and Global Business Unit Manager based in China, moving up the corporate ladder since 2003. I have led and managed a global sales organization with more than 360 professionals. Overseeing the company’s operations, finance, logistics, HR, and sales on a global scale, I have consistently grown the business to achieve sales growth of 40 million Euros annually on average.

In addition to my global business perspectives and communication skills that forge productive business relationships across diverse cultures (I am bilingual in Italian and English with conversational proficiency in Chinese Mandarin), I bring with me a genuine passion in meeting corporate objectives which I never lose sight of in providing value in everything I do as part of your management team. Just as importantly, I bring with me a dedicated work ethic that has served the organizations I have worked with over the years, and which I now put at your service to define why I am the right person for the position. Specifically, I am:
• Highly self-motivated, results-driven and goal-oriented with proven dependability, flexibility and resourcefulness to deliver outstanding results as part of a management team tasked with growing the business;
• A strong leader with exceptional organizational, decision-making and multitasking abilities to deliver outstanding results even after long work hours, or under stressful high-pressure work situations; and
• Profoundly analytical, innovative, and with critical thinking to apply concepts and best-of-breed practices in analyzing and resolving issues and successfully implementing strategies and solutions.

For more details about me, please take some time to go through my resumé/CV. Even better, I believe a short meeting with you will reveal the person behind the resumé to be the right person you are looking for. Should you need any additional information or would like to schedule an interview, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on my phone at +86-139 1887 5638 or through my email at Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to an interview schedule and would be delighted to hear from you soon.


Attachment: Resumé

Titolo di Studio: 
Master in Business Administration


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Disponibile per nuove opportunita in China

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