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Consulente Marketing Videomaker

Posizione attuale: 
Creative Director presso Cloudbridge Media by Design
Livello di Cinese: 
10 anni di esperienza
Settore di Specializzazione: 
Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Communication Strategy

Career Profile Senior creative director with over 10 years of expertise in China enforcing distribution formulas and cinematic narratives to help companies in the Services, F&B and Tourism sectors rooting and flourishing in the often over saturated Chinese market. Envisioned and implemented branding campaigns ranging from 10000$ to 50000$ in budget, including teams sized from 4 to 10 people Directed a 12 episodes travel show produced for the Tourism Bureau of Yunnan Province, China. Filmed and edited two feature-length documentaries as well as a large number of commercials.

Ricerca professionisti a Changsha (Hunan)

Fotografo, videomaker, social media manager
Funzione Aziendale: 
Livello Posizione: 
Sede di lavoro: 

Agenzia pubblicitaria italiana cerca per un progetto a Changsha, Cina, le seguenti figure professionali:
- fotografo
- videomaker
- social media manager
Possibilmente madrelingua.

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