Store Manager for Luxury Italian brand

Store and Brand Manager
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Full Professional Proficiency
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€ 14-16
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ScaZan company producer of fine, hand-made and Italian Watches and Rotors is looking for its Flagship Store in Shanghai a store Manager.
The candidate must:

- Have a very good knowledge of English and Chinese Language
- Have experience in the Sales sector (preferably in Luxury contexts)
- Have a pleasant appearance and manners
- Be professional and trusty

The interview will be firstly conducted on Skype and if successful will be held in our Store in Shanghai during the second week of November.

Please send a CV with photo."

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180 giorni


Ritratto di Daniela Amazonas

DANIELA INGRID SYLVIA AMAZONAS mobile +39 3920295303 china mobile +86 13122130572 e-mail: SALES & MARKETING MANAGER Born in London, adolescence equally divided between London, Lisbon and Milan. Also the experience of a few years in Holland and Belgium provided me with an international culture emphasized by operating with multinational companies, where I have learned instruments and methodologies that have enabled me to bring innovations and therefore results in different markets: Furnishing and Luxury design in particular.. Programming, dynamism, innovation and a good amount of creativity, combined with a character prone to relationships, supported by a mental speed, have allowed me to revitalize markets, to motivate organizations and to discover new opportunities. Responsible for preparation for relevant fashion shows and PR events The creations of innovative products one of my strengths, develop and design story board, tech packs, trims, labelling, packaging, graphics design. Organization of the annual marketing budget and coordination of promotions, advertising and publicity in general with the aim of maintaining the company product always adapted to the demands of the market, through monitoring of the market, the trend and customers and competitors behavior. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY SALES CONSULTANT (OTTOBRE 2014 ) BRANDS INTERNATIONAL SHANGHAI SALES, RETAIL & MARKETING MANAGER 2005-2014 GRUPPO COLOMBINI /FEBAL S.p.A (REP. SAN MARINO) Leading company in the furnishing industry. Turnover around 200 mil euro, 500 employees and My entry in the company had the goal to set-up the kitchen division that today is worth 42% of the total business Design the kitchen & kids rooms products and develop a affordable luxury performance driven collections for specific categories In 2009 to give more liveliness to the turnover, opening of new markets: Retail channel with set up of 50 points of sale in Italy and 50 points of sale abroad and Contract division with the acquisition of about an average of 40 contracts p.a. in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Continued revenue growth in a sector that in the last years (2010-2013) has experienced an average decrease of 30%. In 2013 I have obtained a +5% and in 2014 it is estimated the maintenance of the turnover of the previous year also with maintenance of the commercial margin. To improve customers' relationship I have created an "After Market" service. Responsible for a Sales network consisting of 200 agents and 3 key accounts that manage about 2000 customers Research collaborations with architects and design schools in order to offer products that are aligned to the demands of the market. Collaboration with important Italian & international design schools. Choice of promotional activities and advertising success that have increased the knowledge of the company brend worldwide SALES & MARKETING MANAGER 2001-2005 ARCLINEA S.p.A. Caldogno (Vicenza) A leading company in the Luxury Kitchen trade. Turnover about 30 million euro 150 employees. My entry in the company had the objective of improving the sales network that was not adequate. I have therefore completely reorganized the external sales network improving the quality, both from a commercial and technical point of view, so being able to achieve all business goals while keeping the trading profit. 0pening of more than 30 pdv in new european markets Organization of the Contract channel. Design the luxury collection of kitchen. KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER GDO 1995-2001 CARTIERE PAOLO PIGNA S.p.A Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo) A leading company in the production of paper and school accessories. Turnover 200 mil euro 500 employees. Start up of the GDO division that did not exist when I arrived there and achieving over 50 million euro turnover Establishment of sales network dedicated to the GDO channel not existing at the time. Presence in all GDO chains and specialized customers. Large increase in sales every year, in particular record sales in the history of the group in the years 1995, 1996 and 1970 +20%, thanks also to the identification of famous marks to be used that received excellent feedback on the market ( Ferrari', Walt Disney, Sony, etc.) Design packaging of the products. KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER GDO 1990-1995 PELIKAN S.p.A. Milano A leading company in the production of writing products, hobby and school accessories. Turnover 50 million euro. 80 employees Because of my entry the company decides to create a GDO division that after operating for 5 years generated a turnover of 15 billion euro One of the first non food companies that were inserted in the whole context of GDO directly. Creation and coordination of a sales network of the highest quality of Key Account , Agents and Merchandisers KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER/TRADE MARKETING MANAGER 1984-1989 DOLMA – MARS ITALIA S.p.A. Belgioioso PV Multinational leader in the production of pet food and confectionary products Excellent sales results with the GDO and specialized customers with an average annual turnover increase of 5%. Continuous improvement in the technical and commercial sales force training Excellent coordination of all Trade Marketing activities connected with the sponsoring of Naples Football and World 1990 Football PERSONAL DATA Born in London GB on March 1st 1964 - Resident in Milano Via de Grada, 7 EDUCATION AND TRAINING Degree in law Universita’ di Milano Statale -Specialized courses SDA Bocconi Milano : Sales Management, Key Account Management, Markering and Business Development - Lecturer at IED Milano in Master in Interior and Product Design LANGUAGE SKILLS English, German, French, Spanish and Portoguese. A attending a course of Mandarin Chinese. Actualy level HSK2 in Mandarin Chinese

Daniela Amazonas