Mechanical Engineer Guangdong

Head of R&D
Conoscenza del Cinese: 
Non necessaria
Funzione Aziendale: 
Livello Posizione: 
Retribuzione annua: 
€ 80,000-170,000
mechanical (stone machinery)
Sede di lavoro: 
Foshan City, Guandong Province
Datore di Lavoro: 
company specialized in developing and manufacturing machinery for stone
Job Description: 

1. To set up and maintain internal technical management system, technical standards and related procedure.
2. Lead and motivate a team to complete the goal set by the company.
3. Make a judgment on technology trend of this industry and an evaluation on management status of the company.
4. At overall level, improve technical department and product quality.
5. To lead team to catching up with high-end technology in EU and US.

1. Speak Fluent English
2. Work experiences in Stone, ceramic, marble , granite machinery industry is a plus but if you have machinery or Automotive Manufacturing experiences also will be welcomed to apply
3. Work experience in Production or technical support of processing machinery for stone and ceramic is big plus.
4. Capability of team management and technical system management is must.

Durata Annuncio: 
180 giorni

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