Junior Information Technologist

Ritratto di TXT GROUP
Junior Information Technologist
Conoscenza del Cinese: 
Funzione Aziendale: 
IT / Services
Livello Posizione: 
Sede di lavoro: 
Milano and Hong Kong
Datore di Lavoro: 
TXT Group, fornitore internazionale di prodotti e soluzioni software,
Job Description: 

TXT is looking for a person to expand its area of PLM-Product Lifecycle Management consulting team. The candidate will be involved in international development projects of leading fashion for managing the Fashion and Luxury Industry company collections.

The person will be involved in the back-office activity for the configuration of a Complex software solution. The person will install the TXT software and together with the customer will refine the configuration of the basic software to achieve effectiveness and efficiency levels required. Furthermore, the person will develop the TXT integration procedures with client systems; he/she will run the required tests steps for the project standards; and will formalize the documentation.

Desired Skills:

New graduate in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Engineering, Automation, Electronic Engineering, Industry Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering;

Knowledge of Excel 2007 and Excel 2010;

SQL and T-SQL;

English: fluent;

Chinese: fluent.

Durata Annuncio: 
180 giorni