Cerchiamo insegnanti di vario tipo in Cina

Art teacher, Music & Dance teacher, Language Teacher
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Non necessaria
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Apprendistato / Stage
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€ 800-1,200
Sede di lavoro: 
Cina, varie città
Datore di Lavoro: 
Lijiang High School
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Lijiang No.1 High School




Recruitment Brochure


The LiJiang High School is one of the middle first-class high schools in Yunnan province. LiJiang High School, one of the earliest high schools in Yunnan province, was established in 1905 and was then named Middle School of LiJiang Prefecture. More than an educational institution, LiJiang No.1 High School was also recognized as a cradle of the Revolution and Culture of Northwest Dian. Located in the old town area of LiJiang, the school naturally becomes an indispensable part of LiJiang city, a World Heritage Site. With a long history and glorious culture, LiJiang High School is very rigorous in its schooling. Under the guiding school motto of “seek truth from facts, devote to be strong”, generations of students and teachers have honored the principles of “commitment, diligence, refinement, and devotion” in their learning and teaching, thus forming an excellent school ethos of “truth-seeking, rigorous, hardworking, and progressive.”


The teaching positions are looking for people in 2019 now. Here you could have more meaningful trying on education, and with the typical training, wish you would grow up to be a great teacher , also we do wish you would gain the happiness of helping and skills through this unique teaching experience. Also, you would have chance to know about the Chinese culture, experience the different life in Chinese villages, and learn basic Chinese languages.





Art teacher 



01. teaching students painting, required teachers are good at no less than one of the painting style (sketch, freehand sketching, oil painting, cartoon, illustration and so on).

02. Could provide students professional painting knowledge, and could set up courses according to students condition.


patient, responsible, team work spirit, expression ability

with great professional knowledge, and artistic capacity

have known about art examination training, prefer teaching experience


Music & Dance teacher

01. Have individualize courses for students
02. Provide high quality professional teaching service for high school students
03. Increase student’s interest, build a good study habit
04. Help students to make up for deficiency, and improve their learning competitiveness.
01. Graduate from art college or are on the job.
02. Good appearance and temperament, integrity and decent, have affinity
03. strong language communication skills, bear hardships and stand hard work, open personality
04. being responsible, patient, love education career and have great passion with it



Language teacher



01. teaching foreign languages (English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, Russian) for foundation knowledge students

02. could provide students professional language knowledge, especially the speaking part and could set up courses according to students condition.

03. attending the course arrangement meetings each week, doing the report and work plan on time


patient, responsible, team work spirit, expression ability

with great professional knowledge

  1. have known about professional language examination training, prefer teaching experience



01. provide half of the transportation cost when teacher work more than 3month (if less 3month or just for summer volunteering, teacher would need to pay all transportation cost)

02. provide 800 - 1200.00EURO/M living allowance and accommodation


01. students average age is 15-18years old

02. first 15days will be in Tianjin University for training, also includes 14 days free sightseeing.


Duration: 3month or 6month

4-5hours/day, 4-5days/week


Teaching Area:

Lijiang High School, Kunming Zhongying High School, Sichuan Art Shiyan College


Contact person: Li Hong & Mr.Simons

Lijiang High School

Email: hrtjq@hotmail.com

WEB: http://www.ljsyz.com/

TEL: +86 22 28351928 2331 6282F

ADD: No. 115 Xuetang Road, Gucheng Distinct, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province 674100

Email: hrtjq@hotmail.com  lihong@eccbu.org

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180 giorni