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Ritratto di Salvatore Sambito

Marketing Traduttore

3 anni di esperienza
Posizione attuale: 
Student Assistant in Market and TV research
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Altre lingue conosciute: 
Tedesco, inglese, francese
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Cina@Shanghai, Cina@Italia, Cina@HongKong
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0 (anni)
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At the moment I am studying Management and Economics with a focus on marketing at Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz,
Germany. As I will write my Bachelor thesis and finish my studies in March 2016, I am
currently searching for an internship in China for April 2016.
Before I started to study Management and Economics I served my apprenticeship in
Management Assistant for Marketing Communication with a focus on strategies for public
relations, market research and promotions for major clients, like Twentieth Century Fox Film
Corporation and Bandai Namco Entertainment.
Besides my studies I am currently working for a German regional public-service broadcaster,
where I have gained practical working experience in market and TV research. Part of my
responsibilities are creating PowerPoint presentations for use in the marketing of TV
advertising, applying the TV research software for evaluation purposes, monitoring and
adjusting the content of the Homepage. In my spare time I play in a men’s table tennis team
and I also coach a youth table tennis team.
It is my great pleasure if I can bring these experiences as well as my organizational and
creativity skills to support your team. This will not only help to improve prospects for my
future professional career but will also allow me to learn more about your country and

Titolo di Studio: 
Management and Economics with focus in Marketing


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